Glossary of the direct marketing terms used on the website or in our offers :

For databases :

  • Purchase of addresses : You can use the addresses as many times as you want. However, you do not receive updates (change of address, etc).
  • Seed addresses : At each location of your database, “seed” addresses with a spelling adapted and changed at each location, are inserted to keep track of any abuse.
  • A.E.L. : After Event Letter. The addresses are used a second time as part of the same campaign and for the same product. This reminder must be made within 2 months after the 1st mailing as a general rule.
  • A.P.C. : This is a card that is sent, within a maximum of 2 months, before the main mailing.
  • Merge / Purge : This is a computer processing method that makes it possible to remove duplicates between several databases.
  • Address enrichment : Computer processing that makes it possible, thanks to a reference database, to enrich another database with different criteria such as age, social class, phone number and so on.
  • Purge database : A database whose addresses will be excluded from a selection or another database.
  • Robinson file : A database created by the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) and which contains the details of people no longer wishing to receive mailings.
  • Address rental : Addresses are rented for one use only. The advertiser will only own the addresses of the people who have responded to its offer.
  • Nixie address : These are addresses of people who have changed address.
  • Records : All data collected on an individual or a company.

For advertising insert parcels and the press :

  • Advertising insert parcels : Insertion of an advertising insert in parcels sent to customers of mail-order companies such as Yves Rocher, La Redoute, etc.
  • IFC : Inside Front Cover of a magazine.
  • IBC : Inside Back Cover of a magazine.
  • OBC : Outside Back Cover of a magazine.
  • Bound inserts : Insertion of an advertising insert, stapled in the middle of a magazine and with this magazine.
  • Loose inserts : Insertion of an advertising insert, not bound but only placed inside the magazines or newspapers.

For telemarketing :

Do not call me” list: database created by the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) and which contains the details of people no longer wishing to receive phone calls.

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