Merge / Purge of addresses databases

The prospect address databases you use can strongly influence your campaign results.

Maybe you are inadvertently contacting the same person or family more than once? Your B2C mailing may be sent to a company?

Existing customers may also be included in these prospecting databases?

The recipient of the mailing may have moved ?

Result: a waste of money, annoyed existing customers, … and finally, worse results for your campaigns.

The solution is to perform a Merge / Purge.

Merge / Purge allows the removal of records that appear more than once when merging several databases (a prospect or other mailing databases).

Examples :

  • Purchase of an address database: Merge / Purge with your customer database.
  • Database merger (prospect database or other mailing database): removal of duplicates.
  • Prospect database possibly containing duplicates: Merge / Purge within the database.

With Merge / Purge, your prospect database or other mailing databases will be ready for use, with the removal of duplicates.

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