Advertising insert parcels & door to door


  1. It only reaches out to active customers, with an incomparable recency: it’s the day of the delivery.
  2. Receiving a parcel is always a pleasant and eagerly awaited  moment.
  3. Rates are lower compared to the rental of postal addresses or emails.
  4. No postal costs and lower creative costs.
  5. There is no competition (sector exclusivity).


You also have the possibility of inserting, month by month, your advertising flyers or your samples in the parcels of different mail order/internet sales companies such as Atlas for Men, Showroomprivé.com, Hello Fresh, Bleu Bonheur, Unigro, Yves Rocher, etc.

They can also be inserted into parcels and bags distributed at maternity wards and up until the child’s 6th birthday.

The third-party insert can be a card, a sample, a paper message or a whole catalogue.


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