Renting and purchase of address databases


  1. You choose the precise date of the postal deposit yourself.
  2. You have 100% visibility because you are the sole participant in the mailing.
  3. It’s personalised.
  4. 60% of recipients open prospecting mailings.


A distinction can be made between BtoB postal address databases (addresses of private individuals) and BtoC postal address databases (company addresses).

B2B addresses can be selected in accordance with a large number of criteria, such as turnover, number of employees, sector of activities (NAF/NACE), function, phone number, etc.

B2C addresses can also be selected, depending on the databases, in accordance with age, postcode, civility, presence of children, consumption habits, phone number, purchasing frequency, purchasing amount, etc.

As a general rule, the postal address databases are rented, which means that the addresses are only delivered for a single use. The advertiser will only own the addresses of the people who have responded to its offer.

It is also possible to purchase databases. In this case, you can use the addresses as many times as you want. However, you do not receive updates (change of address, etc.).

The minimum order is 5.000 addresses.

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